A Tear Stained Heart

July 10, 2010
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They say that water doesn’t stain
But when you add the salty disdain
Of a sloppy breakup
It’s just not the same
The bitter tears cling to my face like I am doing to you
I can’t let you slip through
The clenched fist
I make
Because what would I do if I knew
That you didn’t have my back
Or would pick up my slack
If I lose steam
This scene seems serine
You leaving me behind
Curled on my knees, tears streaming,
And staining my mind
They say it’s a big bad world
But with you by my side
Everything was bright
Nothing was dark
Things were more than all right
Like a walk in the park
You said you wanted this
Then changed you mind and laid a kiss
On the mouth that could not let words pass
I once relied on your body to caress
But now, I see
That you really needed me
But you told me to leave
Then beckoned my return
That’s all it took for me to learn
That you took pleasure in controlling me
Like a puppet on a string of ecstasy
I would dance just for you
But, to that string, I took an ax of truth
And I won my freedom once again
The journey to recovery will be hard
It being easy is something I cannot pretend
But eventually,
My heart will mend

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