October 26, 2007
To write a poem is a simple task,
Just write the things you wish to ask.
Make a way to save the day.
Through rhymes and verses much alike,
You’ll see the things you wish to show.
What’s good or bad means nothing when,
Your expectations are set so low.
There’s different ways to show your heart,
Your soul itself would tear apart.
If you knew the things you do.
You’d surely say you’ve done to much,
Worry not for all these things.
When you fall you will see,
What thought of mind truly brings.
I leave you this a simple gift,
Of ties and words that you must shift.
Run away or sit and stay.
Inside the room you’ve left alone,
Your head, I speak, is all you’ll need.
Let thoughts flow through,
And watch the words you heed.
This poetry its all around,
From the sky’s to the ground.
Fly above the things you shove.
And in the end you’ll see my way,
Of things you never thought you’d say.

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