October 26, 2007
By Alexandra Abene, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Agony filled my fragmented heart as I saw him lying there

Blood had streaked the delicate lines of his silver shining hair

His piercing eyes stared broken at me, the Fire slowly dying

The Breath of Death rattling down his neck

as he looked up at me smiling

The Demons of this world and Hell had

broken his body and torn his soul

The steel he used to fight them had fallen still and cold

"Vergil..." I wept as I lifted his bleeding chest up close to mine

And felt the beat of his passing heart struggle against

his wound of Fate and Time

His smile was filled with sadness, love

but tainted with his mortal pain

My mourning cries of misery were drowned by heartless, pouring rain

Then he said to behind blue eyes,

"Don't cry for me, I don't want to see your tears."

And he lifted his hand to stroke my tearstained face;

his touch was so sincere

A smile of happiness graced his mouth as he murmered to me softly,

"You know that Devils never cry..."

And before his brilliant eyes had closed to end the anguish of his life,

I whispered to him with downcast eyes,

"But Angels Never Die..."

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