Long lost lover

October 26, 2007
By Stephanie Foresto, Orange Park, FL

Long lost lover, the years have slowly passed, time and time again, we're still here, repeating history, the past.

The colors and the badges, you scream pride head to toe, her long lost lover, her soldier, why'd you go?

Waiting on those phone calls, pacing back and forth, always hoping, never knowing, what she was really worth?

Did she cross your mind, when you were on the road, always crying, never trying, her soldier, why'd you go?

Growing up and moving on is inevitable in life, you just living day to day, her dreaming to be your wife.

Days will pass and you'll do your duties because your will is strong, she'll forget you, always miss you, did they ever belong? was she always wrong?

She'll always know your kisses, like an old movie scene, always ready, nice and steady, you're her soldier, you're her wings.

All she ever wanted was the wholeness of your heart, as to her, you cannot see, her life slowly fall apart.

She wore her heart on her sleeve, that's something you might not know, get ready, get set, don't go, soldier, why'd you go?

You'll fight for our country, and she'll give up loving you, her hero, her love, her soldier, what's done is done, we're through.

Maybe one day, late at night, you'll see her in your dreams, what could have been, what should have been, nothing's ever what it seems.

Letting go is hard to do and love doesn't always prevail, you are grown as she is too, what's fantasy and what is real?

A tear or two will run down her cheek every now and then, soldier love is overrated, always questioning what they oughta been.

Never stop loving for you're her soldier always, indeed, once her love, always her love, and love is what we need.

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