Reach for the Stars

October 26, 2007
By Bryan Calabro, Olyphant, PA

(A Modern Canterbury Tale)

There once was a guy named Bryan;
He was 5 foot 10 and strong as a lion.
He was athletic, outgoing and chic, but in this, he would also have to be unique;
To develop the ride that would take him and his friends to the moon;
But this process had to be carried out soon.
Dressed in a helmet and shiny silver moon boots,
He readied himself for a day filled with hoots.
The day has come, he said, “To reach for the stars”.
At once, he decided he would use something other than one of those normal “cars”.
No one liked him because he was lame,
But the fact still did remain;
He would travel along with others, to a place with his brothers; the moon.
He started from scratch to develop this ride, all day and all night he worked with pride, Building the car with all his might
To take his friends on one crazy night.
It was a silver Hummer decked out with air tanks, don’t worry he told his friends, I have Visited 5 banks;
To take a mortgage out on my proposition,
To prove everyone wrong and accomplish my mission.
They started out and everything went well, soon though,
Everything went straight to hell.
Oh, well.
The End.

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