A Dream

July 12, 2010
By Livya BRONZE, Redland Bay, Other
Livya BRONZE, Redland Bay, Other
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The trees and shrubs around are green
The sky up above is an amazing blue scene
The ocean an aqua, blue, green and crystal
As it glistens in the sun, like a lava lamp on a mantel
The sun is yellow, red with extraordinary heat
That not even the famous super man could beat
The clouds are fluffy white, in different shapes and sizes
Holding in all the rain, to fall all over the houses
The wind blows but no one sees a thing
Except the brustle in the trees,
And the birds move their wings
The waves wash in, crashing against the sand
Pushing al the beautiful shells, up onto the land
As the little children run and play in and out of the waves
They explore the rocks and shells, in all the hidden caves
Who knows what might be hidden in these secret places
And the many things you could find to put together the jigsaw pieces
To unlock an amazing place in these little kids imagination
We say thank you to God’s creation
As we look out into the horizon,
A thin line around the earth
We think of all the good things we have,
And we see what we are worth
To some people you mean no more than just
Someone passing their way
But whether you know it or not, to someone else
You mean more to them then the light of day
As you walk along the beach,
You have no sense of direction
So you can clear your mind of grief,
And things that cause you tension
Silence is the most painful sound,
Because you can’t hear a thing
But little do you know that every small sound around,
Has music to bring
It takes you to another place,
Somewhere you like or been
Somewhere that you have always wanted to go,
A place that is in your dream
As you drift on, as light as the wind,
You look down on the world below
And think of all the treasured memories
Out of all that come and go
As the wind comes to a stop, your journey comes to an end
And you will wake up and go back to the start,
Where it all began

The author's comments:
This poem was written while lying on the warm sand of a beautiful beach listening to the waves crash apon the shore. When you read this poem i want you to visualise the serenity that is described throughout.

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