Street Children

July 12, 2010
By Livya BRONZE, Redland Bay, Other
Livya BRONZE, Redland Bay, Other
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You have the right to live in freedom
You have the right to be safe
Nobody has the right to torture you
You should not have to live in grief
Human rights were made for a reason
To keep the world in peace
The problem is not everyone follows these rules
And the world has come to cease
For all the children in the world are precious
And we need to protect their innocence
For we have to do something now
We have to start a protest
For children from the age of six
Are forced into the prostitution industry
These young girls are doing things
That isn’t even thought about by you and me
These children are alone
Their minds are filled with pain
For they have no control over their lives
And they learn to live in vain
They cry themselves to sleep
In-between client to client
Hoping that someday, someone will come
And save them from this riot
How can anyone say this is right?
It’s a disaster in its self
All dressed up is short skirts and tops
Like a rag doll on a shelf
Waiting for a buyer
Who likes their pretty face
To take them far away
To a terrible place
Yet they have no choice
And are working for money
At the age of six
It’s beyond being funny
There are a lot of sick men in this world today
Who are waiting for young girls to come their way
So we have to act now
Before children’s life waste away
Where love is the family is,
Where the family ends
The streets begin
And we don’t need any more street children

The author's comments:
This Poem was written as a school project tackling a strong issue in our world today which is Child Prostitution. when you read this poem i want you too imagine what life would be really like for these poor children and see things from a different point of view.

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