It’s a feeling I can’t always describe

October 26, 2007
By Alexa Lodato, RiverVale, NJ

It’s a feeling I can’t always describe
It’s surrounding darkness
All around me like the dark that fills the sky on Halloween night
I’m never alone, but I’m always alone
I want my dreams to come alive
And escape me from this miserable fate I abide

I want to believe there is more to live for, that way I can abide
Just for now, I want a sensation no one can describe
To run through my body so I can feel alive
I want to be able to see light in a new way than the overcoming darkness
I live day by day, wanting more than to feel alone
Love should conquer even all of the night

I wish you could be there with me during the night
That way it won’t be that hard to change and abide
Now my dreams can come true and there will be no more alone
There will be happiness and love like no one will ever be able to describe
Because It’s my turn to feel something other than darkness
It finally will be my turn to feel alive.

Do you know what it feels like to be alive?
I want things to change over the night
Like the moon changes everyday and still shines in the darkness
I wonder if the moon ever has to abide
With anything, I hate to bother you with my description
But I shouldn’t be left alone

I’m not stable in my own mind to be left alone
I need someone to revive me, make me feel alive
Then the new me would something amazing you still can’t describe
And it will all be because we met during the night
Together our rules we can abide
And when I feel alone you will be waiting in the darkness

To help me through the dark
And if you ever feel sad and alone
Know that I would never force you to abide
Just to make myself feel alive
And if you want to leave, I think ill be ok in the night
But the feelings you gave me were unbearable to describe

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