Do You See Me

October 26, 2007
By Angela Wolterink, Kalamazoo, MI

I miss you even more
I'm supposed to be having fun
I'm single now
But my life feels done

I try to listen to my heart
But it tells me we will never be
I wish I would've known that before
There would've never been a you and me

My heart was broken when Taylor passed
And the reason I forgot about it was U
It took me over a year to move on
Cause her love was true

I'm not saying yours wasn't
But she never left me, she died
You just didn't want me anymore
I can't bring her back no matter how hard I try!

You took over for Taylor
She showed me unconditional love
I know she still loves me
Even while she's up above

Nobody can steal my heart again
But you did
And I was so happy
Because I let my emotions be hidden

I was sick of being cheated on
I was sick of being dumped
I still don't know why that was
My mind is still in a stump

I feel like I treated you wrong
Why did you want to be alone
I figured it was because of me
Or someone else

It was only you at the time
And I know I'm a flirt
But you tried it too
And baby , I know it hurts

I didn;t continue it anymore
Cause it made you upset
When I got locked up I thought about it
And I was ready to fix it step by step

I don't know what to do
I love you and I can't give you up
It's not right to let you go like this
Now i'm just relying on my luck

I know luck can't last a lifetime
But it can last right now
I gotta get you back
I just don't know how

In my mind there's only you
All our memories
The good, the bad
Just you and me

When I close my eyes
It's you I see
Now close yours
Tell me, "do you see me?"

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