The Seven Stages Of A Woman

July 11, 2010
By moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
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The entire world is a stage
every man and woman
are simply just players,
they have their own
entrances and exits,
and one woman throughout
her entire life will
play many roles,
her act consits of seven ages.

At first she is an infant,
crying or giggling to the nurse
that's holding her in her arms.

Then, the wonderful school girl
with her bag and a shining always
smiling face,
running like a cheetah,
willingly going to school.

Then the lover, as passionate
as her first love, loving him
with all her heart, but he
kept her a secret from everyone.

Then a soldier, who took
many oaths, with hair cut
just like a man's, jealous
of the respect that the men
were showing to each other
but not to her,
she seeks the respect
of others as well as herself.

And then the justice
with piercing eyes and
hair of formal cut
very wise with
modern views and so
she plays her part.

The sixth age shifts
into a lean body
with spectacles on her nose
and a fanny pack on her side
for she shrank in size
and her loud womanly voice
turning back into a soft
childish melody.

Last scene of all
that ends her long
strange and eventful history
is her lying in a wooden box
with teeth, no eyes, no taste
just a pile of bones.

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