Eulogy for the Teenage Soul

October 25, 2007
By Seth Sizemore, Lexington, KY

Now I wish to give death a kiss
These lips won't miss what these eyes mistook for bliss
What is this?
This can't be life that I cling to
Must be another angel that I sing to
In return I receive a pair of broken wings
And a longing glance to a vast expanse
of sky that I am unable to fly to
A spirit that longs to ascend
Flesh that wishes to reside below the surface
I miss you, my dear
After knowing your touch
What's left over isn't made of much
My crippled soul hobbles along on it's crutch
My handicapped eyes must bear the view
While my mind recalls the old
Can't create the new
I long for you, my dear
A mirror reflecting confusion
About as real as any other illusion
Appearing before me in the manner of subtle intrusion
As I taste the rain I detect a hint of wasted fusion
Seldom does my heart keep a steady beat
Rarely does my spirit make a sound
Shall I call for you, my dear
Or just whisper the missing piece of my puzzle in your ear
Self-acceptance not possible once rejection is clear
I will never live up to the expectations of fear
I will brave troubled waters and soothe heaven's daughters
Allow every piece of my heart to be abused
When I'm finished bleeding, do not let my shadow be used
Instead, shade yourself and discard my memory
Send me away down this stream of ecstasy
And please silence the sound of your tears, they call me back
I wish to remain in this dream

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