October 25, 2007
By Alex Corrado, River Vale, NJ

I am like a bird free to do as I want
I can come and go as I please
I can soar among giants
I can glide among the clouds
I am like a watchtower
Above all and first to spot trouble
Is this a dream?
Am I imagining all this?
I’m really flying across an ocean towards the sun?
I feel the warmth of the sun on my cheeks
The smell of the salt water is refreshing
The sound of crashing waves hitting the rocks

The cry of sea gulls flying towards shore
This can’t be a dream!
It’s all too good
All too real
All too special
Way too vivid and rich in detail
How can this be fake?
I’m perched upon a branch
A branch of an old maple just behind a small white beach house
I sit there, nestled between the maples comforting tree trunk
Three words to describe this sensation
I’m in awe of this moment
Grateful of it
Knowing at any moment that it can be taken away

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