True Love

October 25, 2007
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The wind blows on my face
The leaves rustle on the ground
I stand there with wide eyes
As the rain falls down
I say to myself why, why did he have to go
Leaving me here to conquer this harsh world alone

Sometimes I sing, sometimes I pray
I pray for the peace to come someday
For he fought in the war
He gave up his life
Now I stand here
Saying why, why, why.

Now I stand at his grave
Crying hard tears
Wishing he was here.
My mind goes blank as I leave this grave site.
I go home and go to bed, wanting to go back in time.

For maybe somehow, I can take the shot
The shot that took away his life.
I lay there crying.
Crying all through the night
Hoping that soon my soul will fly.
Fly to heaven above to be with my one true love.

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MultifariousMarissa said...
Sept. 17, 2008 at 5:50 pm
This is very well done. As a fellow writer, I must say that this piece is amazing. WOW. :]
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