The Mermaid

October 25, 2007
Once upon a summer’s day,
While the children laugh and play,
Stumbling across a treasure chest with the curiosity to explore,
Disregarding the shrill shriek sound,
The majestic waves crashing all around,
As the immortal gently swam, swimming across the ocean floor,
The spirit with great vocal chords, gliding across the ocean floor,
Toward its destination, to reach the open shore.

Trying to unlatch the lock,
Hoisted upon a colossal rock,
The treasure chest creaking with intricate designs of folklore,
Suddenly there came a shrieking,
Covering their ears from the bleating,
While the immortal brusquely swam, swimming across the ocean floor,
Hair of fire flew behind her, skimming above the ocean floor,
Toward her destination, to reach the open shore.

The vibrant summer sun shining bright,
Illuminating great beams of light,
Reflecting off an exotic figure possessing a unique contour,
Crimson tresses fell against her face,
Eyes of turquoise glowing grace,
Swimming through the ocean current with a massive tail of décor,
Golden scales shimmering, outlining her grandiose tail of décor,
Helping the immortal swim to reach the open shore.

All in a moment’s timing,
The fair maiden of the sea was priming,
To save her beloved treasure, her fortune she did adore,
Alas her wailing voice did rise
To the children’s great surprise,
Her voice had reached quite high, when into the sky she did soar,
Her voice had carried her out of the water, into the sky she did soar,
As the lady of the water finally reached the open shore.

She was such a magnificent sight,
Although having in her heart much spite,
Towards those who tried to steal the treasure she did adore,
The children frightened by her malice,
Were threatened to be prisoners in her palace,
And become spirits in the water, mortals they would be no more,
To transform into creatures of the sea, setting foot on earth no more,
Imprisoned the children were, by the maiden upon the shore.

Escaping from her silky lips,
Wails and shrieks of that which slipped,
The excruciating pain they had because of her extreme abhor,
The children pleaded on bended knees,
For forgiveness and yet indeed,
Pleading for their lives they had tears streaming down galore,
Pleading to remain on land they had tears streaming down galore,
Desperately pleading they were, to the lady upon the shore.

As their salty tears fell on her tail,
The maiden watched and began to wail,
Her heart began to change and the transformation you could not ignore,
Two legs appeared with great ease,
The moment was hard not to seize,
As the maiden stood up a mortal, what she could not do before,
The maiden feebly stood up on legs, what she could not do before,
Now a human forevermore, her home was now upon the shore.

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jeremylovesjordan said...
Apr. 4, 2011 at 2:17 pm
this was great! so beautiful...i loved the ending!!! and the description!
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