The Escape

October 25, 2007
By Katie Cassara, Hoffman Estates, IL

The pages become the landscape of a distant, unfamiliar land.
The characters either become my best friend, my worst enemy, or merely an acquaintance.
Either way, as I become immersed in the words, I learn their every secret no matter how clandestine or forthcoming they wish to be.
I however, am invisible to them; hiding behind a corner, merely an observer to their lives.
I am able to escape from my everyday life and worries and become preoccupied with those of the characters.
Time runs its course, and I find myself shutting the book closed.
I am brought back to reality.
I again become aware of my problems and the dank room that is a stark contrast of the pleasant, light-filled room of my favorite character.
Yet, I am at peace because I know that another grand adventure awaits me in the pages of the next book.

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