Early College Students

October 25, 2007
By Amanda Naranjo, Corpus Christi, TX

We wake up at six to make it to school
On time, or at least try to make it.
Everyday seems to add more work.
80 minutes five classes’ everyday of the week.
With youth in our hearts, it’s hard to control.
Yet we still do…yeah there are times we start to lose control
But the yelling and up holding our honor
Soon reaches us on time.
What adds more pressure upon us
Is being under a microscope while “They”
While “They” look for our flaws.
With people placing blame on us
Yeah we may cause some trouble here and there
But for the past year I’ve seen discrimination,
(Not against race but age)
Because we are teens and not what,” They” call adults.
What makes an adult different from a teen?
Besides age we both have similarities.
“They” place us by labels not for what
We are trying to do, or what we want to become with our lives.
“They” ask “what’s your dream?”

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