The Waves Gently Broke

May 30, 2008
The waves gently broke; the waves meant no harm.
The water was ice, but the air was warm.
Little sister, don’t cry for your losses.
The sea is gentle, my heart it tosses.
In and out- delicate melodic breeze,
Little sister, your heartache it will ease.
Your troubles perched so precariously
Next to your hopes simultaneously
On the wings of sparrows that sing so sweet-
“Heavenly humans made at God’s own feet-
You lie and you hurt and destroy and cheat.
While us birds sit idly, helplessly tweet.”
Oh sister, if only sparrow were dove,
She’d offer a branch of peace and of love.
She’d bring the calm of sea to your torn mind,
Never again would God turn away, blind.
But we cannot hold the sea forever,
The cities’ demons are much too clever.
They call us back, and creep slowly forward.
I’ll fight them back, Little Sister,
Just keep looking shoreward.

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