It's o.k. to cry

May 30, 2008
By Shaddai Wigs, Conyers, GA

It's hesitant as it makes its way down the side of my face
A stinging sensation begins to take place as I feel its
warmth while it steadies its pace
It manages to make its way,
but is hesitant to embrace my lips
introducing the taste which is a disgrace
A salty mixture replaces any previous intake
which instantly disappears
leaving no trace
What is this that I'm feeling?
It's new yet familiar, different yet peculiar
I don't know, so I try to hide it but it's no use
They're quick but brief,
like little raindrops bringing forth relief
A tear, perhaps, an obvious sign of suffering or of sorrow
of joy or of rage
A moment of happiness or an eternity of pain
They come and they go
but the feeling remains the same
unable to be tamed until the decision is made
to move on and let go
It hurts to cry, to bring forth tears unknown
To have to endure the pressure
and still manage to maintain
what seems to be impossible yet still quite sane
But soon the feeling won't be so hard to bare
and I'll be able to regain what was originally there
The feeling wears down and begins to die and I open my eyes and realize that it's o.k. to cry

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