Lets Humor Them

May 30, 2008
By Miranda Matott, Wellsville, NY

Lets Run Away, where the meaning of life becomes irrelavent .
your arms around me. my heart inside your palms.our breathing heavy and in tune.
Lets Fly Away to starry fields of deep blue gray.
far from blank pages and over flowing mouths.
cloud covered, god like scenarios lusting for what makes us different .
Lets Dissapear, away from all the humor felt monsters. Jealouse angels watch us. their mouths slack and grim.
Take Me Away, Oh Take Me Away . the taunting spidery webs try to capture us and pull us apart.
Lets Run where they wont find us.
Lets Leave the darkness behind. never looking back in regret.
We shall rise above this apparently ravenous world

Lets Humor Them.

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