A Pirates Plunder

May 30, 2008
By Shannon Heintz, Kingman, AZ

In a stormy and howling sea,
I and me crew sailed far,
Adventurous spirits were we,
Seeking a treasures star,

Our trembling ship rocked aghast,
Sending men into the froth,
And as I clung to the icy mast,
Mercy to the deep were we lost,

The gales whistled a thunderous roar,
And sea spray slashed our faces,
The waves threw us about the shore,
To an island of vanishing traces,

Looking around, to our delight,
This island was our destination.
Our search had ended this dreary night,
And we searched with anticipation,

Soon enough though, the treasure found,
Annoyance we did say,
For there, in a box, lay a pile of socks,
In quite a disarray,

So the next futile time, said I solemnly,
We should want to play pirates,
Our search be the nursery,
And not our parent's closet,

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