An Inexperienced Philosophy

May 30, 2008
By Renee Perrault, Val Marie, ZZ

The meaning of life has long been a subject of study, of searching, of struggle
Engaging for centuries the minds of sages, of wise men, of prophets and professors
Hovering in the steam above porcelain mugs on the local coffee row
Entering even the toddler’s squeakily-spoken question, “where did I come from?”
And hiding in the rustling wheat stalks of the farmer’s field.

Though I’ve been on this earth only eighteen years and have much yet to learn
I am of the persuasion that purpose is not in why you live but in the how.

It is all in the choices we make, but more so in the choices we choose not to make
It is in the words that flow from your heart, but more so the words that remain inside your mind
It is in the hand you raise to help but more so in the hand that rises up in impatient vengeance.

The status of a good person is not in the hat you wear or the shoes you walk in
No; the definition of a good person lies in the heart, the spirit, the life you make.

Sing loudly, laugh deeply; rage seldom; weep sincerely for those whose hearts are breaking.
Lead the young in a true and straight direction and leave your lessons for them to learn.
Let not others suffer for your mistakes, but always have the courage to take responsibility.
Let nothing but truth break from your lips, lest you never speak again
For who would want their final words to be naught but a lie?
Choose what would rule your every ambition, but choose wisely, for chains are hard to break
Be it faith, or a dream, or family; be it money, or fear, or power.
And yet, while you choose your master, seek not to be a master of anything but yourself
Those who have chosen mastery have often chosen cruelty and death as their goals
And yet, do not forget that it is those who stand by that let those masters remain in power.

Never shy away from what is right, even if it is what is most fearful or most difficult
Instead, always seek to do what you can to make a difference, if only for a single child
Because a life wasted is a terrible thing; no, not terrible; it is a travesty to be dead and yet walk
And so always seek to make your life worth something, something worth leaving behind
Whether you are a teacher, teaching knowledge or arts or faith or beauty
Or a worker building houses or companies or dreams or new lives
Or an artist creating visions or masterpieces or legacies or history
There is a purpose in any profession; it is your choice how you want to make your impact.




Whatever else is tossed to you on the waves of life, keep these three closer than your skin
Have faith in yourself, in your fellow man, and have faith that all will be right in the end.
Hold on to hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for those things you dare not hope for.
Love yourself, love every man, whether friend or enemy, and love Life in all its glory.

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