Far Away is my Home

May 30, 2008
Far away is my home
As far as the sea. far
Away is my home were
Only I can see. far away
Are the dreams of a better place.
Were in the human race there is
Understanding, peace, and harmony.
Instead of pain, strife, and hate for life.
A place were children can dream
No matter how hard it may seem.
To be who they are and shine like
A wishing star. A place called home
A place safe and warm a Sanctuary through a rough storm.
A place were dreams come true and you
Are free to do what you do and to your self always be true.
Far a way is my home as far as it could
Possibly could be. But it's only far to
Those who can't see though tear strung eye
And temptations that do hypnotize. Far far away is my home as
Far as could be But I’ll never lose it because it’s apart of me.
In my heart in my soul just look at me into my eye and you will see.
My far away home is me. Me and my heart inspiration and soul whether
I be young or old with hold the key close to my heart and me and my home
Will never be apart. Far away is my home like a sea or a star but look deep
Inside it’s not really that far.

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