Worst Case Scenario

May 30, 2008
By Sophia Aleli Beltran, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, ZZ

What if one day after marriage,
you find out that she has another?
What if the house is burning,
and you’re the only one sober?

Would you die for love
as you would of pride?
Would you want to see
what’s on the other side?

What if you’re at work,
and three calls you ignored,
upon going home, you see your child
bloodied, dead, on the floor?

What if your lives are in danger
and you had to kill your father?
Would you regret it
if it would save your mother?

What if you knocked at the door,
and you just passed through?
Would you stay, or would you go,
knowing that they can no longer see you?


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