Dear God

June 26, 2010
By , Lutz, FL
Dear God,
My deepest feelings are reemerging.
Why won’t they just go away?
They’ve been good the last few years, for the most part.
And I just want to lose my virginity quickly
But I can’t when I love the person who doesn’t love me.
He would never do it with me,
Because its not like I’m worthy.
He’s too good for me!
So, God, will you please make these feelings go away?
The ache in my heart when I think about him
The shakes I get when I talk to him
The stupid smile I have when I see him
And that shy blush I get when I talk about him to my friends?
I’m being pathetic.
I dream too big.
And I need to stop.
Thanks God,

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