Out With Them

June 16, 2010

Our president is an idiot
but my dear friends thats the least of it
because our planet is slowly falling apart
BP oil might want to take that to heart
Illegal immigrants run wild
and I can't find a doctor to see my child
Drug lords rule over mexico
They're starting to weasel their way in here just so you know
The administration doesn't have a clue
Barack doesn't know what to do
The Poverty pimps still reign on high
As the commander and cheif continues to lie
Common sense becomes less common
and understanding has run dry
lets take the US government and hang them high
for the place in which the deserted us
That is surely what I lust
Because right is now wrong and wrong is now right
but what does it matter in this endless night
We need someone to shine some light
So when 2012 finally arrives
make sure obama is out of all our lives
heres a parting line for you
clean the house and senate TOO

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