Day in School

May 30, 2008
It all starts at seven ten
when that alarm goes off I want to go back to bed
then i shower, eat, and brush
when its time to leave were always in a rush
'bout a fifteen minute ride pull up to the side
then shut the door and leave and cross the street never in an uptempo beat, draggin' my feet
heading straight to my locker hand shakes on the way
I can tell that this is going to be a long day.

Walking on my way to class just waiting for the time to pass
getting caught with gum and always picking up trash
just cant wait to leave and walk out the door
saying I only got two more
and next is geometry who doesnt get along with me
is one of my worst enemys I cant seem to master it
leaves me so confused that I just want to quit.

Last is Spanish One
and I think im almost done
I look at the clock and it says one-twen-ty
then I say you got to be kidd-ing me
a couple of vocab words and verbs
finally I hear the bell and yell
inside my head and think i get to do it all again

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