Walking Into Fear

May 29, 2008
Walking on a street in the bright sun,
free of worries and fears,
not a care in the world,
my friends near for protection.

The day went to evening,
my friends went in a store,
the sky darkened with clouds,
my friends went home.

Walking in the dark,
every corner I go,
I have a new fear,
I went down an alley.

It was just some trash,
but there are eyes behind me,
I was filled with great fear,
They came out, it was only a cat.

It was near midnight now,
I was running as fast as I could,
next thing I was down,
nowhere to be seen.

The next day I was missing,
I disappeared in the night,
ten years passed and I was never found,
I realized what I was...

…I was NIGHT!

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