The Returning of the One

May 29, 2008
By Patton Magee, Park City, UT

Leaving under the cover of night

Through the forest plagued by darkness

Embarking on a quest

With no end in sight

Never looking back

For fear of evil Wraiths-

Sauron's evil servants

Agents of the night

Out to seek the Ring

For their master will be pleased

One Ring to rule them all

One Ring to find them

Forged in the fires of Mount Doom

By the monstrous hand of Sauron

In the evil realm called Mordor

Infested with horrible orcs

Through the hands of Sauron

The Ring fell to Isildur

But the Ring took control

And possessed Isildur

Slain at the hands of monsters

The Ring forever lost...

Word turned to story

Story turned to Legend

And as legend turned to myth,

Middle-earth settled into peace

Then one unfortunate fellow

Not much different than a man

Discovered the evil Ring

Then stashing it away,

He crept deep into the mountains

But there the Ring possessed him

It gave him life

In return for his soul

But after many years,

The Ring grew tired of waiting

It crept into the darkness,

To hide and then be seeked

But the Ring did not expect

As to who would discover it

And the most unlikely creature

Stumbled there upon it

Found by Bilbo Baggins, an adventurous young hobbit,

Then passed to Frodo Baggins, his adventurous young nephew

But the Ring must be returned

To the place from whence it came

Through the wretched slopes of Mordor

Into the Fires of Mount Doom

An unexpected hero

To do what must be done

And so begins the journey,

The Returning of the One

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