May 29, 2008
Maybe if i mailed love letters and omitted my name, satisfied knowing that the recipient no longer felt alone
Maybe if i brought heaps of gifts to school, and gave them all to the janitors to see the tears trickle down their faces
Maybe if i always paid for the car behind me at the toll booth, never to know who came behind
Maybe then the world would cease to crumble and humanity cease to cry

Maybe if i went up to a whore, and gave her a rose, and asked only for a hug in exchange
Maybe then she’d see the world differently
Maybe i would too

Maybe then, when the day would be done and all my deeds complete the temptation to look up will fade,
And with nothing to kneel to my urge would be replaced by happiness as I think of the people who i’ve met

And what if we became blind?
would we then enjoy a better sight
And if we replaced religious texts for firewood?
would that finally keep us warm during the cold winter nights
as we all sit together around the fire

And what if we threw all the money into the sea
Would it form a raft large enough to bring the soldiers back home

Maybe not, but we can always hope

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