May 29, 2008
By Tyler Bass, San Jose, CA

I’m made of vulcanized rubber
I like to be on cold surfaces
I can be your worst enemy or your best friend
I suffer a lot of physical abuse each game
My roots go back to the 1800’s, which was called Ice Hurley
I get dropped in the middle of the ice by a referee
Two sticks fight over me
I glide across the ice to another stick
Again and again I get passed back and forth
Sticks slap me towards the glass and two hundred feet down the rink
I stop for a minute until another two sticks come crashing towards me
I get slammed into the boards by 450 pounds of force
Sticks like to fling me up twenty feet in the air over 7 feet of glass
Sometimes I’m a lucky fan’s souvenir
You see me going 80 mph right at your leg
You see my three-inch in diameter bruise on your leg
I get to travel over 100 mph and dodge 6 people to score
I like to be the center of attention while I’m on the ice
I get to be handled by Wayne Gretzky and Joe Thornton
I get to be in the glove of Manny Fernandez
I decide the winner of games and the Stanley Cup
He shoots and I score the game winner

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