Tale of a dead flower

May 29, 2008
By Gainsley Delva, Coral Springs, FL

"A promiscuous girl
her eyes seem to lead men directly to hell"
sang the old ladies of the town
Their perception of her was unlogical

She was as pure as
the white robe of virgin Mary
Then,one day, one beautiful morning
a demon covered with angel skin
promised her"heaven on earth"

He was handsome as a child
He showed her how to make love
His touch has this strange power
that erased all griefs and misfortunes
under the depth blue of his eyes
happiness was a certitude

Between the sweetness of his arms
love flourised her nights
She became a woman
for the first time and...for his eternity

With time,the demon's angelic skin died
He closed up his heart
without concession
and...the treason was fatal
He left her
heart-broken,against the sun,she was cold

His departure has destroyed her Idyll
the rose has faded
regretfully,her being touched nothingness

God welcomes a new Angel
in the sky...beginning of a new tale

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