July 3, 2010
By Jenn Alford SILVER, Hackettstown, New Jersey
Jenn Alford SILVER, Hackettstown, New Jersey
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What is the point in all these lies
When we’re all simply stitches in your eyes
Our woven integrity holding together
The patches in your lives
Stretched and turned, fading, weak
Tomorrow’s hope becoming bleak
Thead by thread we twist undone
And from us cotton flows in leak
The next day hardly worth the bore
From which your careless ignorance wore
And we’ve been broken, bent and used
Until we can’t support you anymore.

The author's comments:
Supporting the unappreciative is often times a grueling task; it is both painful and taxing on the beholder. I was inspired through this exactly, because though my attempts were strong, I was not able to help or even receive recognition for my fruitless efforts.

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