Our Generation

July 3, 2010
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Our generation is no good they say,
Our generation fills the world with dismay,
Our generation is full of bad seeds,
Our generation just drinks and smokes weed,
They don't realize the words they say bring discouragement,
When they really need to speak words of encouragement,
Because no matter how it seems
Just like the past generations our generation has dreams,
Aspiring doctors, lawyers,and pro-ballers,
Beauticians, artist, professional free fallers,
Many of us are doing something with our lives,
Not all of us run around with guns and knives,
We all have speacial talents and useful gifts,
But they can be wasted in those moments that self-esteem shifts
Keep buildiing us up and don't push us down,
We will rise to the top and our feet will never touch the ground,
Your generation are our angels here to save us,
But you can't save us if you just sit around and fuss,
About how we are not doing our part,
But you must remember you gotta give us somewhere to start,
Make us work hard teach us the value of the dollar,
turn us all into scholars,
replace the guns with a new book,
reform us give us a new look,
And to my generation don't prove them right,
Try and try with all your might,
To change bad habits and bad attitudes,
Make and effort to show love and gratitude,
Like Sam Cook said "A Change is Gone Come",
Though this change may be harder for some,
Take my advice and try to better you,
If we all work together we can make this generation brand new.

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