To Write Love on Her Arms

July 3, 2010
By SheaButter BRONZE, Mountainville, New York
SheaButter BRONZE, Mountainville, New York
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Love on her arms
Sex on the beach
Songs from forever
Never released

Wishes of windows
Promise, forget
Gone in a moment
Not come home yet

Swimming in water
Driving in rain
Eating a lemon
Catching a train

Secretive poetry
written at night
Fireflies winking
their soft yellow lights

Written in sandstone
Following fear
Lost in his eyelashes
Glistening tears

Follow her neckline
Graceful and lush
Arching horizon
Paint from a brush

Shadows and instincts
Midnights for sale
Thunderstorms blooming
From crystal and shale

A new song of sixpence
Pockets of rye
A cheerful black hostess
Serving the pie

The author's comments:
I started this poem at crew practice, writing on the back of a waiver with a pen that had run out of ink. At first it was just a joke, ha ha invisible poetry, but then I became invested in the words.
An inspiration for the title and first line of the poem came from a girl I know. Every day since I first met her, she has been wearing a dogtag necklace that said: To Write Love on Her Arms. At first I thought that it was some little sentimental trinket that her boyfriend gave her and she was showing it off. But someone asked her about it, and I heard her tell them that it was the slogan for a suicide prevention charity she was involved in. I felt terrible about being so quick to judge, and wrote this almost as an apology. So Erin, I'm sorry I judged you. You have been very kind to me, and I'm very glad to know you.

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