July 3, 2010
By Anonymous

If I were a fairy I wonder what I’d do
Maybe my magic could help me escape the memory of you
If I were a bird I’d fly to a faraway place
So far away that I’d forget your face
If I see brown eyes I’ll remember your penetrating gaze
Even just a memory of a feeling leaves me in a daze
If I were a fish I’d swim deep into the ocean.
Would I be able to forget you then?
If I hear someone call my name, I always look back
But it’s never you there and in front of my eyes it’s black
If I were mountain high, high up above
You’d be Grand Canyon, that’s how far apart we are in love
I thought of you of my best friend, cherished and beloved
In the end it was me who simply remained unloved
When I told of our conversations people called me a liar
Yet I never told them, how my despite for them grew higher and higher
Every time they doubted me, every time he too denied it
A voice inside called to me; it was no use trying to fight it
Some people are true to themselves and thus can be trusted
But some are lying to themselves, so deeply it leaves you disgusted
Oh I am going to forget you, I know I am
And I still regret how back then I was just a lost little lamb
Used me you did, used me like a rag
To me you’re just trash, just wasted trash in a bag

Goodbye to you, and to all my wasted time
And honey I’ll tell you now, you are worth nothing, not one dime

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