Teen Couple

May 29, 2008
“Would you listen to the two of them?”
Says the loveless romantic, smiling.
“How lovely and in love!”
A stranger called “friend” screams.
Oh, How preciously pretentious it all seems.

Scale tips back and forth,
Attempting to right itself.
But they’ve blended and intertwined.
Hybrid: New Reality

Each is just pretending.
They put on a show.
They sing the lies,
Their lullabies
And hold the Nothing close.

Perhaps someday we’ll see them wake
From this nightmare renamed “Dream.”
They’ll realize they are children.
And have merged together Truth and Lie
But not without weak seams.

Maybe they’ll untangle
All the lifeless words they’ve whispered.
Turn off the radio set between stations,
And hear the outdoor Naturesong.
The one they thought
They’d heard all along.

By chance, they’ll learn to get along
And end their little play.
Become whole, each one of them,
No longer need to be a “they.”

She will find that she is stronger than she knows.
He will find that within him, Nurturing grows.
Each name will be a song.
With no need of the other appelative’s confusion.
For it never was quite in tune
With both melodies trying
To sing in unison.

But alas,
It’ll be as it is, for now…
Before they wake to their own dreams.
Oh, how preciously pretentious it all seems.

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