Ode to Piano

July 2, 2010
By JCG14 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
JCG14 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
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"Let it go, and it will all come back to you."

I wonder if you were given
A fourth leg
I wonder if you'd walk
And if you were to walk
I wonder if you'd talk

I wonder if you'd tell my
But could you even talk?
Or would your silent ways
Translate, to that

All enticing silent language?
Would you whisper my secrets
To the wind?
Would you go to those I love,
And tell them how I care?

Would you sit with my parents,
In the living room where you reside
With the coffee black and steaming on the table
While you tell my parents about the inside of my soul
With my mother's hand in yours?

Oh if you could walk,
I wonder where you go
I wonder what you'd say
But be it raining
You couldn't walk away, anyway

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