Last Memory...

May 29, 2008
By Virginia Tran, Campbell, CA

Today I saw you from a distance.
I came up and asked if you needed an assistance.
Instead of you talking.
You just started walking.

At that moment I can see something was wrong.
But I had already knew that all along.
Those times when I called and you never replied.
I had a feeling you had something to hide.

I followed you to your dorm.
And I can tell from your face you were mad like a bad storm.
You came in and shut the door.
I struggled trying to open and when I came in your knees were on the floor.

I came close to see what's going on.
Then there in your hand a razor was drawn.
Seeing that I didn't want to believe it.
But then right there you made a horrible slit.

Now I'm screaming and weeping and asking you why.
Please tell me a reason why you want to die.
You turned and looked at me I saw you were afraid.
Then I told you once you're gone there's nothing left to be paid.

Now it's to late the wrist is already bleeding.
And from those crystal blue eyes the pain was showing.
I tell you to wait while I go get a towel.
As I rushed back in I heard a howl.

There I am cleaning everything.
I watch you as you bleed yes you're dying I know.
You're my only best friend without you where am I going to go.
This is ruining me I can't take much more.
A part of my heart is now sore.

I take the blade to my wrist.
You're weak but still pleading.
But oh well I'm already bleeding.

Right there I fall laying next to you.
My body is all numb.
So now you feel all dumb.

Everything is my fault things had to happen like this.
I never meant for you to die so that there would be a miss.
You say as you reach for me.

Suddenly I can feel the anguish of my cut growing stronger.
Then we began to cry.
And as we share out last moments together.
We say I love you then die.

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