Only in my Dreams

May 29, 2008
By Ashley Vierra, Seven Valleys, PA

I have finally found what it means to love.
To have someone there whenever you got hurt
And be there in the darkness to help you see.
When I talk to him the only thing I do is smile.
Knowing that the chance of there being a forever
Is unlikely, but for the moment he’s in my life

I am so lucky that this man came into my life.
It hasn’t been long but I’m falling in love
Already. My dreams of him seem to last forever
When my knight is saving me from being hurt.
Reading his messages to me make me smile
And when I close my eyes, it’s his face that I see.

In a crowded room, he’s the only person I can see.
He is the by far the biggest joy that is in my life.
I love everything about him, from his laugh and smile
To the talks we have about the meaning of love.
When I’m upset, he says the right things so it doesn’t hurt
Anymore, and I get that feeling that I want to last forever.

I could stare into his eyes for an eternity and forever
Memorizing everything about him that there is to see.
If anything tragic were to happen, I’d be worse than hurt
Knowing that he wouldn’t be any longer a part of my life.
He tells me not to think about that and I fall more in love
With this man that does nothing but make me smile.

My cheeks start to get sore because of my non-stop smile
But I don’t care anymore. I want to keep doing it forever.
There isn’t anything in this relationship that I don’t love
And he and I fit together so well that anyone could see
It was destiny for the two of us to be in each other life.
His words take away my fears and protect me from being hurt.

There are times when I want to see him so much that it hurts.
I tell him how I feel and he tells me that I make him smile.
I’m really not sure how he does it, but he completes my life
By just talking about our future that could maybe be forever.
He is my words so I can talk and he is my eyes so I can see.
I just can’t believe it yet, but I really am falling in love.

Forever. What’s not to love?
Being happy for the rest of my life.
I wish everybody could see it too, and no longer be hurt
When they just find the one person that makes them smile.

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