My First Touchdown

May 29, 2008
By zachary branson, Discovery Bay, CA

The whistle blew

The ball was kicked

It soared through the air

I caught it

I ran

I got tackled

We started our drive on offense

They handed the ball off to me

I ran as hard as I could

A juke here a juke there

I ran into the tackler

He missed the tackle

Only 30 more yards to go

I spun the guy missed

A guy tried to tackle me but I stiff armed him

I was almost there only a few guys to beat

I ran as fast as I could

And the safety hit me

I thought I was tackled

But I wasn’t

So I kept running

I could smell the end zone

I high stepped my way in

The ref put up his hands I had did it I scored

It was my first touchdown

It felt so good

I will always remember that feeling of achieving something that great

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