You don't even care

May 29, 2008
By Margarete` Ferrier, Havelock, NC

Merry-go rounds
Our hearts spinning round and round
Chocolate milkshakes
Us doing a little twist and shake

Butterflies in the air
We don’t care anymore
I don’t care anymore
Our hands in the air

Candy hearts with the cheap “I love you’s”
Me always hoping for the “Baby, I do”
The dull roses
The tasteless candy

Butterflies sing lullabies
You don’t even care
I don’t even care
Our hands thrown up in the air

Your unsaid love
My one last time…

Butterflies are singing
Can’t you hear them?
I don’t even care
Your hands are thrown up in the air

I don’t even care
You don’t even care
This is my one last time
They’re singing

Singing my love to you…

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