The Ghots Outside my Window

June 15, 2010
By iherb2010 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
iherb2010 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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The Ghost outside My Window

A chill within my window side
A thrill that thrives within my spine
Twisting tongues and twisting veins
The ghost outside my window

Drives me more than insane
The one that never leaves
By nights as sweet as life
In day a room of peace
A time that’s never eased

Past the time and past this hour
The ghost outside my window
Always ready to devour
Taunts and taunts within my head
Grabs my arms and then my leg
Spins all over and around
I go for covers in my bed
But doesn’t work I’m easily found

Can’t get away
Get lost in time
The dreams I dream
Can’t save my life
I yell and scream
That scene that seems
I can’t redeem
A memory lost
With it all
The hour’s past
A torture gained
Until next time
I’ve gone insane
Was not a dream nor revelation
It was a friend
Through isolation

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