Those Dark Brown Eyes

May 29, 2008
Those audacious, charismatic eyes that stare deep within my soul,
Rich in that creamy, russet gold,
Never showing, never telling,
Hid away behind the mask of insecurity;
Shunning me from your loving heart.

Oh, how I long to free you from your deep, dark mask;
Yet I wonder if you even love me.
Do you often think of how much my cute smile brightens your day, as I often do yours?
Do you love when I'm being me, when I'm laughing and my hair falls in my face?
Or is it when I whisper low and no one is even there, though you lean in close that you think of me?

Or am I a passing thought?
Please tell me, let me know what you’ve deeply hidden,
Those dark eyes tell me nothing
My heart is slowly breaking as its waiting
Do I mean nothing?

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