Tears start to fall....

June 14, 2010
Tears falling down my face,
Don’t know what to make of this place.
Can’t seem to see right from wrong.
Is this where I belong?

Never been back-stabbed by you before
Now that I have, I’m in a war,
Between me, myself and I,
I have no idea what to decide.

Who is wrong, you or I?
Don’t know so tears flood my eyes.
Every day you smile and say,
Hey girl. How are you today?

How long have you lied right to my face?
I don’t even know what you plan to do. Just in case
I figure out, what game will you play?
Just toss me aside like a cute little stray?

How can I trust you after you treat me like this?
Have you been making me wander amiss?
You act like you are my best friend.
But in truth, have you thought about how this will end?

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