Forever I'll Love You

May 29, 2008
You were so beautiful
And still are my sweet
These people could never know.
Your hair so long and blonde
A twinkle in your eyes
That gave away your heart.
That heart of pure gold
Which always amazed me.
I loved kissing those lips
So soft and pristine
And to this day,
You kiss my cheek
Causing my love to grow stronger
I loved you for your beauty
And then for your demeanor
And for that smile I love to see
That no one here could know.
I don't know what they're saying.
I'm enwrapped in your beauty
That still remains to stay.
I'm tangled in those memories
That love you no less.
I used to watch you praying
For I knew you were truly content.
I knew your heart was open wide
And you were pleading for a cause.
I hated to see you crying
So this you'd always hide.
You never knew I knew this
Because you'd lock yourself away
I’m sorry I didn’t help, sugar.
I promise I wanted to.
Seeing those icy eyes crying
Would surely be my demise.
I hope I’ve made you happier.
You deserve such perfection,
Someone like you with sun-kissed skin
From working in the garden.
I watched you then too
As you sang your favorite songs.
I’d sing them in my head too
And forever in my heart.
We made it all of those years.
I suppose that’s why we’re here.
I know we’ll make it many more.
I’ll always love you darling.

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