Meaningless answers; Worthless thoughts.

May 29, 2008
By Kassidy Smith, Merylhurst, OR

To much drama, I cant handle it.
Nothing I can do

Just floating aimlessly through this mixed up dimension
Waiting patiently for an answer.
But nothing comes to me
Empty space to fill this bubble of lust in my mind
Hungry for answers.
How long do I have to wait, until I know what’s going on with my life
And the lives intertwined with mine.
Does none of this matter anymore?
Was it all just one big joke
Am I overreacting??
What if I told you I didn’t care anymore?
What good would it do to lie.
Please tell me!
This is how its gonna be??
I wont let this fantasy drift away.
This never ending dream that I’ve had planned.
I wont let go.
The bubble expands.
What am I to do? Am I giving up?
My word choice, does it offend you?
Capitalistic Advertisements persuade you to run
And never look back..
But will you?
We’ll just have to wait and see.

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