slave of the heart

June 26, 2010
By Anonymous

slave of the heart
i dont know what to ?
my heart is torn and taterd. tapped togeter all i do is fall to fast
and get hert.why me the sighns r ther but i lisein to my heart insted of my head am a slave to the heart it craves love so much that i fall for the worst thay all say ur fallen to fast but do i lisen no i say no am not and just lisent to my heart in sed of my head so am just a slave of the heart

The author's comments:
well this one miens a lot to me bc well iam a slave to the heart and if u want to know what that miens. it miens u fall so fast for some one but in the end u just get hert bc u lisen to ur heart insted of ur head

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