Bipolar-Manic Depression

June 26, 2010
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Bipolar -Manic Depression

My mind swims in emotions.

My head spins,
my hands tremble,
I don’t have any control.

I scream to calm down.
I cry to be pulled up.
I wish that any one, everyone,

Understood what it
is like. To be thrust from
one world to another.

When the only world around
me is the one that I
wish to leave.

Bipolar. The illness
tears away everyone
I love, It kills everyone
I love inside, but most of
all it killing me.

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Lauryn H. said...
Jan. 25, 2011 at 10:11 pm

I can relate!! It's really tough, but I'm glad we have a place like this where we can all share our experiences.

I hope you find peace in your life. Open up. If not in person, on here.

Thanks for sharing. Lovely poem :)

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