May 29, 2008
By hanedie eliacin mars, Orlando, FL

My feelings, my heart.
My oxygen, my body rests.
My eyes, I am waking.
The lungs are aching.
Started as an apple,
Ended as a cigar.

Thought I could provoke
with an easy stroke.
Unable to function,
Slowly dying.
Control? I don't think so.
My body is cold.

Pain in my friends.
Pain in my veins.
Why am I still in this stage?
Resemble a catepillar trapped in a caccoon,
I hope I get out soon.

I wish to drop dead,
No more pain to endure.
Stae as fact or opinion?
I am unsure.
Hard to break from you?
Yes. Struggle forever? Take
A second guess.

In my shoes, pain.
My toes, my ankles.
Body is aching.
Eyelids crying.

Upst with no one to
On my own with
Only three.
Me,myself,and I.

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