For Five Long Years

May 29, 2008
By Rocky-san Forshay, Grants Pass, OR

Almost dying.
Constantly crying.
Wanting to leave
Wanting to say “Sorry”.
My sanity died
Along with my body
My mind
And my soul.
For 5 long years I’ve sat and waited,
Wanting my body to leave my tormented salvation.
My life was ruined
My life was taken.
People died and then I cried
Wishing I could bring them back
To life, alright.
For 5 long years I’ve sat and waited,
Wanting to end my tortured misgivings.
Continuing to fight it.
Suicide seems to be my only solution.
I turned into something I wish to forget.
For 5 long years I’ve been waiting,
I’ve been searching,
I’ve been fighting,
But my life will never be the same.
Living to die,
Dying to live,
But it’s never that easy.
For 5 long years my life has been insanity
Eating away at me, eating at my broken heart,
Until I feel like I’m broken completely.
People have died, people have cried
In this insane world I’m living that I would like to call
My life.
All for 5 long years

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